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Stream: girl in red releases debut album ‘if i could make it go quiet’

Girl in red is the stage moniker of Norwegian singer and songwriter Marie Ulven. On April 30th she released her vibrant full-length debut album if i could make it go quiet.

Girl in red first gained a following back in 2018 when she released the dreamy indie tracks “i wanna be your girlfriend” as well as “we fell in love in october” shortly after. The new LP takes on similar themes as the majority of the album explores queerness, mental health, relationships and introspection. However, these themes are now encapsulated by a much more infectious, manic sound.

The 22-year-old is the sole songwriter on the album and co-produces every track alongside Matias Téllez. The versatile single “Serotonin” has the potential to become the song of the summer with its extremely catchy melody and relatable lyrics. The track cleverly blends pop and rock-infused sounds with distorted guitars, EDM drops and soaring choruses, which serve as a foundation for the intense lyrical narrative that is the unnerving portrayal of chemical imbalance.

Stream if i could make it go quiet below.

The first half of the album is quick and captivating, but eventually reveals a softer side. Tracks like “Rue” and “Apartment 402” are slow and well-balanced, exposing her vocals more intimately. The album closes with “it would feel like this,” a minute and a half instrumental with twinkling piano and violin that leaves the listener feeling hopeful.

Lead photo courtesy of Jonathan Kise.

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