Stream: Indie rock band Real Estate drops new album ‘The Main Thing’

Real Estate pushes their art forward on 'The Main Thing'

New Jersey-based band Real Estate has released their new album The Main Thing.

While the 13-track LP mostly stays true to the band’s sound, including breezy melodies, gentle guitars and insightful lyrics, Real Estate also wasn’t afraid to take musical risks. In their fifth studio album, the band intentionally challenged themselves creatively to produce a project unlike their others.

“This record feels so different for me,” said frontman Martin Courtney in a statement. “I’m sure this record feels more like a break to me than it does to the outside listener, but I’m hoping some of it comes through. This is my career, my art, my life’s work at this point. I think we’ve spent almost a decade doing things a certain way. With increasing results, each record has been better and better, but this last record it was like, ‘Okay, let’s do this shift in a slightly different direction.’ Just in order for all of this to feel exciting, it’s going to have to keep changing for sure.”

Stream The Main Thing below.