Stream: Jade Bird drops dynamic, rowdy self-titled debut album

Bird is well on her way to the top with this one

After teasing the album with an abundance of previously released singles like “Lottery,” “I Get No Joy,” “My Motto,” “Uh Huh,” and “Love Has All Been Done Before,” English musician Jade Bird has finally dropped her highly-anticipated self-titled debut album.

The dynamic, rowdy record is packed with a balance of punching, rambunctious rock tracks like “Going Gone” and impactful, vulnerable stripped-back ballads like “Does Anybody Know.” Bird truly knows the perfect way to use her powerhouse vocals, fluctuating between soft, sweet melodies and gritty, raspy, belt-your-heart-out wails, never overdoing her sudden blasts of powerful vocal finesse.

Bird is well on her way to the top, with a handful of pop-folk and acoustic-based instrumentals and witty, pounding, sassy lyrics that explore love and self-discovery. Although the complex instrumentals are definitely a standout, it’s clear that this album is all about her eccentric voice that makes her raucous tunes recall some of the most extraordinary rock artists to hit the scene, from the raspy howls of Janis Joplin to the polished lyrical subtlety of Carole King.

Stream Jade Bird below.