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Stream: Julien Baker sings of relapse and heartbreak on introspective new record ‘Little Oblivions’

Julien Baker has returned with her third studio album, Little Oblivions, which was recorded in her hometown of Memphis, Tennessee.

While the new collection stays true to the devastating, introspective lyricism of 2015’s Sprained Ankle and 2017’s Turn Out the Lights, Little Oblivions sees Baker exploring new sonic textures by layering bass, drums, synthesizers, banjo, and mandolin atop her usual guitar and piano lines. Baker is able to take her heartwrenching storytelling to a new level on Little Oblivions, delivering melancholic lines like, “I’ll wrap Orion’s belt around my neck and kick the chair out” and “Beat myself till I’m bloody, and I’ll give you a ringside seat.”

The album opener, “Hardline,” truly sets the tone for the expansive album, slowly building from soft, organ-based instrumentals into an explosive post-rock symphony. This new, explorative instrumentation continues throughout the album’s 12 tracks, as Baker builds on her quintessential electric guitar and piano melodies, paving the way for something revolutionary.

Stream Little Oblivions below.

Standout track “Favor” sees Baker reuniting with her boygenius bandmates, Lucy Dacus and Phoebe Bridgers, as they deliver reflective, soul-searching lyrics like, “What right had you not to let me die?”

If you couldn’t tell from the lyrical previews thus far, prepare yourself to be swimming in a pool of tears by the end of this dark, devastating album.

Learn more about the inspiration behind the record below as part of our recurring Album Of The Week series!

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