Stream: King Princess releases powerful, transgressive new pop album ‘Cheap Queen’

Catch King Princess at REBEL on October 28

Rising pop star King Princess has released her powerful, transgressive debut album Cheap Queen.

The full-length album is a glimpse at King Princess’ impressive dynamism, as she weaves in and out of genres with ease while letting her soothing, throaty vocals shine. The refined record is a sophisticated first effort from the young artist, as she leans in to her sexuality and her vulnerability on each and every track.

Opening with the sultry jazz-pop tune, “Tough On Myself,” this dynamic album weaves in and out of pop-hybrids, ranging from upbeat ’80s synth bangers to honest, heartbreaking ballads like “Isabel’s Moment.” Her sophisticated, yet relatable lyricism truly shines on this album, as she sings lines like “And is it so wrong to just want someone else” and “They stare when you walk in the room like they’re looking at heaven.”

Stream Cheap Queen below.

Catch King Princess at REBEL on Monday, October 28th.