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Stream: Lana Del Rey releases most stripped-back album yet ‘Chemtrails Over The Country Club’

Lana Del Rey has returned with her most minimal album yet, Chemtrails Over The Country Club.

The new collection sees Del Rey once again exploring a new sound, as she weaves between hushed vocals and faint, plucked guitar lines. While the album may see Del Rey stripping back to a fundamental sound, she’s still able to build lush melodies and powerful narratives within that confine.

The refined album opens with “White Dress,” setting the tone for this soft, opulent sound, as it revolves around a minimalist pop sensibility. While most of the album has a slow-building energy to it, “Tulsa Jesus Freak” serves as a stand out, amping up the sound with some stuttering drums.

Stream Chemtrails Over The Country Club below.

“I’ve been really stressed about this album,” Del Rey explains to Interview Magazine. “From the top, we knew what Norman was. But with Chemtrails, it was like, ‘Is this new folk? Oh, god, are we going country?’”

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