Stream: Laura Lefebvre shares new lo-fi EP ‘La Terre est plate’

She's also shared a video for the title track

Laura Lefebvre has moved from her folk sound into a new sonic territory on her lo-fi EP, La Terre est plate, which translates to “the earth is flat.” Alongisde the release, Lefebvre has shared a video for the collection’s title track.

The dreamy new EP opens with “Médecine,” a wavering, almost disorienting alternative track, which sets the tone for the EP, as it’s intended to make you feel like you’re going in circles. La Terre est plate explores the difference between being alive and being human beneath silky vocals, bleeping synths, and catchy beats.

The accompanying surreal video for “La Terre est plate” sees Lefebvre in front of a green screen, as she floats alone between two sides of a flattened planet. Throughout the clip, Lefebvre and Valence, who features on the track, try to reach each other, but cannot.

Stream La Terre est plate and watch the video for the title track below.