Stream: Liz Phair releases first new album in a decade ‘Soberish,’ shares video for ‘The Game’

Phair has made her return to music

Liz Phair has returned with her first new album in a decade, Soberish. Alongside the release, she’s shared a video for her new track “The Game.”

“I’d gotten adrift from my artist self, I’d become my mom-self, or my middle-aged-person self,” Phair explains. “I wasn’t coming from a place of big success, I was coming off of being silent for a while. But listening to Guyville again, and immersing myself in my Girly-Sound demos, and talking with everyone from that era made me want to work with Brad [Wood] again. Girly-Sound brought me back to that early part of my career and who I’d been then. What I wanted to achieve, what my style of working was. I connected again – in a much more healthy way – to the artist i was searching for at that point.”

“The Game” is a perfect preview of the album, and its accompanying video comes packed with retro scrapbook-style effects and colourful graphics as Phair performs along to the track. The video embodies the growth Phair has made, calling on her past while staying true to her present.

Stream Soberish and watch the video for “The Game” below.

“I just like that word,” Phair explains of . “It describes what I’m always aiming for, I never want to be entirely sober, but I also want to stay grounded enough. It’s almost like you’re toggling between two versions of very familiar selves.”