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Stream: LOONY explores chronological love phases on new project ‘soft thing’

LOONY has released her powerful and meticulous new music project, soft thing via AWAL.

The new 8-track collection sees LOONY exploring the concept of chronological love phases. Each track explores a different stage or kind of love, looking at everything from familial affection to flirtation to the expectations of new love. soft thing features previously released singles “raw,” “be cool,” “royal flush,” and “either side.”

Each track features a unique blend of LOONY’s dynamic genre-bending sound. Together, the tracks are a perfect combination of neo-soul, jazz, gospel, hip hop, and R&B.

Stream soft thing below.

LOONY collaborated with producer and collaborator Akeel Henry alongside Jack Rochon, Jordan Mansweel, Kevin Ekofo, and Adam Pondang.

LOONY previously revealed that her Mick Jenkins collaboration “royal flush” is all about “that period of time when you’re feeling someone, and you’re pretty sure they’re feeling you too? It’s like, I feel like we both have a winning hand here and if we play it, the world could be ours, but we’re both not ready yet.”

“Be Cool” is definitely another standout on soft thing, and you’re sure to find yourself singing it again and again. “When you have a crush, it feels cringey and agonizing and childish,” LOONY explains. “You’re in a weird space of overthinking every move you make. And there’s this weird double feeling of being completely inwardly consumed by it all, but also not trusting yourself at all, so you’re looking for answers or advice from literally anyone else around you. So I kinda wanted the video to reflect all that. The whole visual just came to me as a really linear story, that reflected the lyrics I wrote quite literally, so I just got my friends together and called Kosta and we made this thing.”

Lead photo courtesy of Ryan Grant.

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