Stream: Mac DeMarco’s Record Store Day Exclusive, ‘Old Dog Demos’

The exclusive vinyl is now available to stream

In the spring, Mac DeMarco released Old Dog Demos, a collection of demo recordings for his most recent studio album This Old Dog, for Record Store Day. It was issued exclusively on vinyl, and it has now been made available to stream online.

The first half of the album is made up of songs that you’ll find on This Old Dog, while the second half features tracks that didn’t make the cut like “Jimsy,” “Frog Hollow,” and more.

Stream Old Dog Demos below.

Recently, Mac Demarco released a cover of Haruomi Hosono’s “Honey Moon,” and in August he announced his first solo tour and Mac’s Record Label. This new album is the perfect follow up from everyone’s favourite rock and roll goofball, with raw recordings of catchy tracks that never made it to This Old Dog.