Stream: MARINA drops second half of new record ‘LOVE+FEAR’

You can hear MARINA's new tunes at REBEL on September 10

After surprise dropping the first half of LOVE+FEAR a few weeks ago, MARINA, formerly Marina and the Diamonds, has dropped FEAR, the second half of her newest album.

The new album marks the follow up to 2015’s FROOT, which ends MARINA’s four year hiatus. Although the double album is served as one entity, each half of the record looks at contrasting subjects, and the tracks oppose each other completely. While the tracks on LOVE feel like a call to action, energetic tunes that urge listeners to feel empowered and fight against outward societal issues, FEAR is darker and more vulnerable in its simplicity as the artist tackles her biggest insecurities, forcing listeners to look inward and evaluate their own sense of self-awareness.

According to a press release, “LOVE is filled with a longing to enjoy life and a desire to unite and empower, while FEAR sees MARINA delve into matters of purpose and insecurity, also touching on conversations surrounding gender inequality and more broadly, the abuse of power. LOVE+FEAR are declamations that showcase these polarising sides of human nature.”

Stream LOVE+FEAR in its entirety below.

Catch MARINA at REBEL on September 10th, 2019.