Stream: Muna drops expansive, vulnerable new indie pop record ‘Saves The World’

Catch Muna on October 15 at Mod Club Theatre

Californian indie pop trio Muna have made their return with their expansive, vulnerable new indie pop record, Saves The World.

The new record serves as the perfect sophomore record, as the trio let their dynamic, dreamy instrumentals weave through tales of heartbreak and trauma. Opening with “Grow,” the album launches into a desolate, sparse vocal landscape, making for a powerfully emotional entry into the 12-track record. From Robyn-style sad pop bangers like “Number One Fan” to the warping sounds of “Navy Blue,” this album is a forceful, driven record you’re sure to be playing on repeat.

Muna’s honest, conversational lyricism truly takes the forefront on Saves The World, with the cyclical narrative of “Stayaway” serving as a standout. The track, which allows the warping instrumentals to echo the track’s spiraling vocal lines, sees Muna weaving the story of a breakup with lines like, “If I go driving then I’ll put on music/ If I put on music then I’ll play your song/ If I play your song then I think I’ll lost it/ End up pulled up at the front of your lawn.”

Stream Saves The World below.

Catch Muna on October 15th at the Mod Club Theatre.