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Stream: Nilüfer Yanya releases genre-bending new album ‘Miss Universe’

London-based artist Nilüfer Yanya has just dropped her genre-bending debut album titled Miss Universe.

The album sees Yanya’s gritty, versatile vocal lines intertwining with killer, fuzzy guitar riffs and refined, shimmery synths. This is an album you’re going to want to play again and again, as each play will allow you to dive deeper past the elaborate instrumentals and into Yanya’s lyrical depth as she sings lines like, “Deep underwater I breathe/ Let me soak/ Chasing the shades of the love that we made, of the love that we broke.”

The tracks have a straightforward textural intensity, with layers and layers of stacked grooves that make for a perfectly bluesy pop hybrid. From clicky synths to easygoing saxophones, this album’s got something for everybody, making for a powerful sense of accessible complexity.

Stream Miss Universe below.

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