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Stream: Non-profit organization Darkspark releases debut EP ‘Four Directions, Vol. 1’

Not-for-profit Darkspark has released a 6-track EP called Four Directions Vol. 1, which was created in collaboration with youth, artists, music producers, Elders, and educators across the country.

The EP features original tracks from six separate communities through Darkspark’s Four Directions Project, including Cambridge (ON), Comox Valley (BC), Winnipeg (MB), Rankin Inlet (NU), Attawapiskat (ON), and Ponoka (AB). Each and every track reflects on an important conversations about colonialism, urging the listener to engage in recovery and reconciliation.

“We wrote this song because we think Attawapiskat is changing…not for the better,” secondary school student Dana Solomon explains of the EP’s latest single, “Waiting For Change.” “We hope this song inspires people to change in positive ways. We also hope people listening understand that we need people to take notice for change to happen – we need more housing, no more dusty roads, and for our youth center to finally be open. Attawapiskat will always be our home and I think we can be the change that will make it better.”

Stream Four Directions, Vol. 1 below.

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