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Stream: Patrick Watson shares three-track EP ‘A Mermaid In Lisbon’

Patrick Watson has shared a new three-track EP called A Mermaid In Lisbon.

The new collection features New York’s Attacca Quartet, who Watson discovered through the music of Caroline Shaw, and Teresa Salgueiro. Following “Se tu soubesses” and “A Mermaid in Lisbon,” the collection’s final track, “Can’t Stop Staring At The Sun,” is inspired by how Watson has spent a lot of time researching electronic and modular music over the last two years.

“The inspiration for these three pieces came the last time I was walking the streets of Lisbon,” Watson explains. “It’s my favourite place to wander it just generally feels like the streets are singing this wonderful melancholic sound for your walk, that pulls you into small winding roads, that make you feel like you’ll get lost and never return. Hence the mermaid title. It’s an incredible place and it’s one place in the world I missed most during the quarantine.”

Stream A Mermaid In Lisbon below.

“As a young man I discovered Teresa Salgueiro in the great Wim Wenders movie Lisbon Story and from that time her music with Madredeus accompanied me on so many walks around the world,” Watson adds. “Her music had a big impact on me, so it was fun to have the privilege to ask her to sing on this song. I always found Portuguese to be such a rich and beautiful musical language and it’s an honour that Teresa would lend its beauty to these songs. Mishka and I were very lucky to have Teresa find the right translation to make ‘Se Tu Soubesses’ come to life.”

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