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Stream: Perfume Genius’ Brilliant New Album ‘No Shape’

This is Perfume Genius’ fourth LP, each one showing the evolving confidence and change within Mike Hadreas. Songs off of debut LP Learning and follow-up Put Your Back N 2 It can be painful to listen to as you hear the fragility and emotion in his voice. 2014’s Too Bright was a totally reinvented and changed version of Perfume Genius. The strength and power within Hadreas doesn’t hide, and instead, comes dashing toward you.

On No Shape, released today on Matador Records, we get a mix of everything we’ve come to know and love about Perfume Genius. There’s shimmering, bold exclamations like “Slip Away” and heart-wrenching piano ballads like “Alan.”

The album opens with distant piano keys on “Otherside,” with Hadreas’ voice floating in. Then all of a sudden, a chandelier comes crashing down and the song explodes into new colour.

Listen to all of No Shape below.

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