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Stream: Phantogram release ‘Ceremony,’ first album in four years

Phantogram have dropped their newest album Ceremony, which marks their first in nearly four years.

In a recent interview with SPIN, the Phantogram duo Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter opened up about their hiatus. Barthel admitted that 2016’s Three and its accompanying tour was a distraction from her sister’s passing earlier that year.

“Being in a band in general, you’re in a fucking bubble,” Barthel told SPIN. “You’re inside and everything’s going on. And then you get out of the bubble and you go home and you realize…‘Oh okay, this is what’s going on, and these things and this problem and this person.’ And all of our problems that I feel like, at times, were put on hold, come back.”

Barthel explained that Ceremony and the break between albums was necessary to process and grieve her sister’s passing.

“I think this album is not a part of the past…It’s all those experiences that were put on hold because of that crazy, fucking experience we had four years ago — a reflection not of Becky [but] living without Becky.”

Stream Ceremony below.

Although the overall sound of Ceremony strays away slightly from their previous albums, Barthel and Carter remain consistent by producing insightful lyrics accompanied by incredible instrumentals.

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