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Stream: Phoebe Bridgers drops perfectly devastating new album ‘Punisher’

Calling all The Sads™, you’re in for a treat. Queen of melancholy Phoebe Bridgers has dropped her highly anticipated and perfectly devastating new album Punisher.

The refined record sees Bridgers growing from the sorrowful quirkiness of 2017’s Stranger in the Alps, truly leaning into her full range of musical ability. While the 11-track collection still is primarily made up of downcast lyrics that explore self-destructive love, broken faith, and the difficulty of recovery, Bridgers seems to (rightfully) understand herself as a fully formed artist, leaning into her strengths with full force.

From the sole up-tempo track on the record, “Kyoto,” to to the spooky emo-folk ballad, “Halloween,” Bridgers’ witty songwriting is even more sharpened than that of her debut record. The album comes packed with stand out lyric after stand out lyric, with lines like “If you’re a work of art, I’m standing too close/ I can see the brush strokes” and “I want to believe/ That if I go outside I’ll see a tractor beam/ Coming to take me to where I’m from/ I want to go home.”

Buckle in and grab some Kleenex before you stream Punisher below.

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