Stream: PUP release explosive new record ‘Morbid Stuff’

Catch PUP at Echo Beach on July 21

Toronto punk foursome PUP have just dropped their explosive new record, Morbid Stuff, which is packed with a dynamic balance of anthemic rock tracks and heavy, raucous bangers.

PUP has the ability to write such heavily energetic, powerful tracks that will leave you in a spew of tense emotions as frontman Stefan Babcock wails about elaborate lyrical themes, from the complexity of youth and to the death of a past lover. Get ready to have some of your heaviest thoughts realized on this forceful record, as Babcock sings lines like “I hope the world explodes, I hope that we all die,” and “flames shooting up to the sky like some vision of hell, Satan send me a signal.”

The raucous quartet have grown up with their audience, while maintaining their killer energy, bringing you some of their best tracks yet. As soon as you press play, Morbid Stuff will demand your attention, pulling you into a vortex of gritty vocals and bold, assertive guitar riffs.

Get ready to get loud, and stream Morbid Stuff below.

Catch PUP at RBC Echo Beach on July 21st, 2019.