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Stream: Rose Red Youth share sophomore EP ‘I Miss Summer,’ lyric video for ‘Chill Pills’

Rose Red Youth have shared their sophomore EP I Miss Summer alongside a lyric video for “Chill Pills.”

The EP is a 5-song project which revolves around nostalgia and what it feels like to grow out of childhood. With silky instrumental lines and gritty vocals, this album is a perfect tribute to youth. The lyric video for “Chill Pills” is another representation of that, with shots of two people driving through country roads, drinking slushies, and lying on the beach as the lyrics flash across the screen in a retro text.

I Miss Summer is about childhood,” lead singer Brandon Day explains to Indie88. “It’s about being attached and vulnerable, and what it feels like to set memories aside and start growing up. It was inspired by the fear that comes along with your early twenties, when the plan that was laid out for you your whole life comes to an end and it’s time to start making your own decisions and make a life for yourself.”

Stream I Miss Summer and watch the lyric video for “Chill Pills” below.

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