Stream: St. Vincent releases International Women’s Day playlist

The new Apple Music playlist is called 'Visionary Women'

Annie Clark, aka St. Vincent, has shared a new International Women’s Day playlist for Apple Music called “Visionary Women.”

“When people ask me about my favourite guitar players, I say look no further than Sister Rosetta Thorpe,” Clark explains of the playlist to Apple Music.

The new playlist features tracks from renowned acts like Billie Holiday, Laurie Anderson, Jenny Lewis, Aretha Franklin, Sister Rosetta Thorpe, Ma Rainey, Sonic Youth, Chaka Khan, Betty Davis, Tina Turner, Joni Mitchell, PJ Harvey, Joan Jett, Kate Bush, Bikini Kill, and many more.

Stream the playlist in full below.


“[Billie] Holiday sang the song ‘Strange Fruit’ onstage in New York in 1939 to protest the lynchings of Black people in the South,” Clark continues. “Her performance was so powerful that a racist FBI agent named Harry Anslinger made it his mission to try to destroy her career. While he did not succeed, he did manage to make her already difficult life even more difficult. So fuck that dude to the obscure loser bin of history, and long live the genius spirit of Billie Holiday that will live on forever through her transcendent work.”