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Stream: Tash Sultana shares nuanced, guitar-driven album ‘Terra Firma’

Australian guitar wizard Tash Sultana has made their return with a new album called Terra Firma.

The follow-up to 2018’s Flow State sees Sultana leaning even further into their unapologetic mystical soul-funk sound. The new 14-track collection is nuanced, as Tash paints their style in wildly explosive guitar riffs, sugary lyrics, and refined, raspy vocals.

Featuring previously released tunes “Pretty Lady” and “Sweet & Dandy,” Terra Firma comes packed with addictive, catchy tunes that you’re sure to be playing on repeat. Sultana truly thrives as a one person band, layering instruments all self-taught, as Sultana as learned to play a whopping 25 instruments since picking up the guitar at age three.

Stream Terra Firma below.

From the opening line, “If looks could kill, I’d be dead,” Sultana captures the wild energy of their live performances in the creases of their genre-bending album, ranging from ’70s psych-rock anthems to lower-tempo ballads and stripped-back acoustic renditions.

Buckle in and get ready for the rounded, captivating journey that is Terra Firma.

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