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Stream: The Drew Thomson Foundation releases self-titled album

Single Mothers’ founder and frontman Drew Thomson has released his self-titled album as The Drew Thomson Foundation via Dine Alone Records.

The vulnerable new album sees Thomson putting his feelings at the forefront, as his lyrics explore sobriety, the death of a loved one, and pushing away the people close to him.

“Almost all of these songs started out on acoustic guitar in my bedroom, the same way I’ve been writing music since I was in grade seven,” Thomson explains in a statement. “They’re more intimate and not something I’ve really shared this way before. Where Single Mothers songs can come from the perspective of a character that I play and put on, this band is more about who I am in my day-to-day life. It’s a lot more revealing of who I am now. I started playing music 10 years ago as a lost early 20s alcoholic. I’m now 33, sober, and still a mess but not quite a disaster.”

Stream The Drew Thomson Foundation below.

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