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Stream: The Staves sing of loss, love, and family on new album ‘Good Woman’

The Staves have made their return with their third album, Good Woman.

The new 12-track album, which marks the follow-up to 2014’s If I Was, was written and recorded “in a time of severe turmoil for the band, seeing the ending of relationships, the death of their beloved mother and the birth of Emily’s [Staveley-Taylor] first child,” according to a release.

While the stunning collection stays true to the sister trio’s gorgeous harmonies, it also sees them at their most explorative, twisting and bending their vocals to create new textural soundscapes. Littered with delicate acoustic guitar lines, The Staves embrace folk traditions while juxtaposing it with a carefully calculated unpolished edge on Good Woman.

Stream Good Woman below.

From the looping piano line and heavenly harmonies on “Best Friend” to the stark, yet beautiful instrumental chaos of “Devotion,” this album is sure to keep you on your toes as The Staves deliver their most refined collection yet.

If there’s one lyric in this album that truly highlights The Staves’ nuanced ability to stay true to their sound while staying new and fresh, its when they echo on “Waiting On Me To Change,” “I’ll change when I want to.”

Get ready to bless your ears with some luscious folk pop!

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