Stream: The Weather Station explores new sonic landscapes on fifth album ‘Ignorance’

Tamara Lindeman adds a disco flare to her folk-pop sound

Toronto’s Tamara Lindeman has shared her fifth album as The Weather Station, Ignorance, which sees her adding a disco flare to her folk-pop sound.

The dynamic, complex 10-track album opens with a simple, yet compelling hissing hi hat and stuttering drum beat, expanding and morphing for a full minute before Lindeman delivers her first line, “I never believed in the robber.” “Robber” the stage for the explorative album, as Ignorance sees Lindeman playing with jagged instrumentals and conflicting, yet cohesive melodies.

Lindeman has truly refined herself as a songwriter on this collection. As the listener makes their way through the ebb and flow of the album, they hear Lindeman’s vocals weaving between dense, heavy melodies before exploding to pure moments of pop-influenced ecstasy.

Stream Ignorance below.

Ignorance began from an obsession with rhythm, as Lindeman grew to understand the elasticity of time in music. “I realized how profound and emotional straight time could be,” she explains of the collection, “those eternal dance rhythms, how they effect you on a physical level.”

“I saw how the less emotion there was in the rhythm, the more room there was for emotion in the rest of the music, the more freedom I had vocally,” she continues. This reverberates throughout the entirety of Ignorance, as it feels as though Lindeman embraces rhythm while playing and experimenting vocally.