Stream: Thom Yorke releases eerie new ‘Suspiria’ soundtrack

The horror film will hit theatres on November 2

After teasing several singles including “Suspirium,” “Has Ended,” “Volk,” and “Open Again,” Thom Yorke has finally released the soundtrack to “Suspiria” and it’s super creepy.

The horror film remake is set to hit theatres on November 2nd, and will features tons of manipulative scenes of Tilda Swinton, including her dressing up as an old man for an elaborate hoax. If the new album reflects the film as much as we expect it does, the movie is going to be extremely unnerving and horrifying.

The soundtrack has the ability to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up with its witching-hour instrumentals and eerie monotonous chants.

Listen to “Suspiria” below.