Stream: Toronto R&B artist Jesse Gold releases sophomore EP ‘Stupid Hours’

He's sharing a documentary-style acoustic live version of the EP on May 14

Toronto R&B pop artist Jesse Gold has shared his sophomore EP, Stupid Hours, and alongside the new collection he’s released a lyric visualizer for “Sugar Island.”

The new EP sees Gold truly growing as an artist, approaching the tracks with a new finesse as he pays tribute to the growing pains he has overcome and continues to face by becoming the artist he wants to be. Ranging from the soulful title track to the smooth melodies on “R.I.P.,” Stupid Hours is an EP you’ll find yourself coming back to time and time again.

“I made a concerted effort to work harder as a songwriter on this EP. I extended my own finish line for these songs, revising meticulously where I would normally call it quits,” Gold explains of the collection. “I found myself lying awake in the middle of the night frantically jotting down ideas in my phone. I started referring to these sleepless brainstorms as my ‘stupid hours.’

Stream Stupid Hours and watch the visualizer for “Sugar Island” below.

“‘R.I.P.’ is a standout track to me. It’s the first time I’ve touched on my own career struggles. Sharing my growing pains as an artist felt like a new level of vulnerability. I’m really proud of how that one came out,” Gold adds. “In the past, I’ve made music with the hope of getting my foot in the door, or based on what I thought people wanted to hear. I didn’t do that this time around. I just made music that I love and am proud of.”

Gold is set to release a documentary-style set of acoustic live versions of each track on the EP on May 14th, recorded at The Drake Underground.
Lead photo courtesy of Arman Saturday.