Stream: Vundabar’s album ‘Either Light’ was inspired by ‘The Sopranos’

The band continues to grow their sound

Boston indie rockers Vunabar dropped their fourth studio album Either Light today, and they’ve proven how much their sound has developed. And also, how they were inspired by The Sopranos.

The band was formed by three high school friends — vocalist and guitarist Brandon Hagen, drummer Drew McDonald and bassist Zack Abramo — that have been jamming out for nearly seven years. It took them two weeks to produce Either Light, versus 2015’s Gawk in three days and the last one 2018’s Smell Smoke in a week. The 11-track album shows the band’s growth and their creativity in approaching new sounds.

“I’d literally just watched The Sopranos two times through while I was writing the record, and I feel like Tony Soprano is an archetype for a lot of the American experience in a way,” Hagen said. “He’s the ugliness and the underbelly of capitalism and our culture. A lot of the record sort of deals with this looming sense that we might be doomed, and I see Tony as this character where from the first scene, you know he’s fucked. He’s a doomed hero, and in that sense, he’s a great symbol for what life is like now.”

Check out Either Light below.