Stream: Weezer release orchestral pop album ‘OK Human’

Their second album of 2021, 'Van Weezer,' is set for release on May 7

Weezer have shared OK Human, their first of two planned albums for 2021. (The second being Van Weezer, which is set for release on May 7th).

While the title appears to be a nod to Radiohead’s OK Computer, the music is all about the baroque pop of The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds. Moving from the hard rock Van Weezer singles they’ve been releasing, Weezer head into more orchestral territory.

“I’ve always been such a fan of classical music and opera, and I knew it was coming,” frontman Rivers Cuomo tells Apple Music’s Zane Lowe. “And yet, I feel like it’s overdue, like I just kind of got stuck in this pattern of, ‘Okay, we’re a rock band. This is what we do. We don’t want to get soft too soon. This rock thing seems to be working.'”

Stream OK Human in full below.