Streamed Releases Now Eligible for Grammys

Eligibility now include music on monetized streaming services

Looks like Chance the Rapper may have a … chance… at a Grammy after all.

On June 16th, the Recording Academy announced changes to their guidelines for Grammy Award nomination. In the past, the rules state that in order for an album to eligible for nomination it had to available commercially through physical or digital distribution / downloads. It did not allow for music that was released solely through streaming avenues to be considered. The newest update changes the limitations regarding digital distribution to include streaming services that are for profit and have been established for at least a year to the date of nomination.  The changes do not include free albums such as those released through Soundcloud or as mix tapes.

While this change is very important to keep up with the current times it still evades a large number of artists who may for personal reasons choose to release their music for free.

It does however make Chance The Rapper’s latest critically acclaimed mixtape Coloring Book (2016) eligible for nomination. Chance The Rapper has been very vocal in his belief that the criteria for Grammy nominations needed to change. He supported a petition that circulated demanding for a change in policy to allow for the consideration of free music. The change may not be as progressive as Chance The Rapper and others had hoped for but it is a step in the right direction.