Rise of New York Bands The Strokes, LCD Soundsystem and More to Receive Documentary Treatment

Based on Lizzy Goodman's book 'Meet Me in the Bathroom'

Lizzy Goodman’s book Meet Me in the Bathroom: Rebirth and Rock & Roll in NYC 2001-2011 is a must-read for any fan of the bands that burst onto the scene at the turn of the century. The oral history book details the rise of artists like The Strokes, LCD Soundsystem, Interpol, and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and all the debauchery that came along with the movement.

The book was a hit out of the gate, thanks to a well-circulated excerpt that fuelled a fight between The Strokes and Ryan Adams. Given its popularity, it’s hardly a surprise that a documentary inspired by the book is in the works. Pulse Films has purchased the rights and is plotting a four-part documentary based on Goodman’s work.

According to NME, filmmakers Will Lovelace and Dylan Southern aim to deliver a work that avoids the “expected tropes and conventions of music documentaries” and “create a work of true cinematic scale that will redefine the scope of the music documentary form.”

Lofty expectations they’ve set for themselves!

Whatever the case, just take our money already. The series will be broken into four one-hour features.