Students Found Bed Bugs In Ryerson University Classroom

Bugs found in classroom tables

According to reports by both CP24 and Ryerson’s own newspaper The Eyeopener, bed bugs have been found in a classroom on campus.

Multiple reports by students at the university claimed they noticed small, brown beetle-like bugs crawling around in the desks in one particular classroom. Stefanie Phillips, one of Eyeopener article’s co-writers said she noticed the bugs after something bit her during a lecture in room 205 in the Victoria Hall building on Ryerson’s campus. The student experienced swelling and itchiness from the bite over the next couple days. Several students claimed they saw the bugs hiding in cracks in the classroom’s tables.

Another student had previously notified a professor about his encounter with bed bugs, who took it to the university’s facilities experts. On March 9th the school said they completed a “spot-check” and found no evidence of the bugs. However, in an investigation by Eyeopener editors Justin Chandler and Jacob Dubé, they said they were able to find the bugs “in two minutes of searching.”

Images of the bugs were sent to several different exterminators for examination, who unanimously confirmed they were images of bed bugs. “We managed to get five separate exterminating firms to confirm with us that these were bedbugs,” Dubé told CP24.

Ryerson University’s public affairs manager Johanna VanderMaas said they are in the process of confirming the claims.

Bed bugs are beetle-like insects that feed exclusively on blood. They are small and flat, roughly 4–5 mm in length and usually hard to spot. The bugs’ bites cause skin rashes, can cause allergic reactions such as blisters and hives, usually leaving small red bumps.
Image courtesy The Eyeopener via Twitter