Subway service between St. Clair West and Union Station gets delayed after another train derailment

A TTC work car derailed near St. George station

This morning another TTC train got derailed, causing several delays for commuters who have been forced to take shuttle buses between St. Clair West and Union Station.

A TTC work car derailed near St. George station, and as a result, police say that large crowds began to gather around a few of the affected stations. Rerouting crews began arriving at St. George station shortly before 7:00 AM, TTC spokesperson Kadeem Griffiths told the Toronto Star.

“We’ve added extra bus service to the 97 Yonge, and extra streetcars to the 510 Spadina and 512 St Clair routes,” TTC head of customer service department Sue Motahedin tweeted. “(Six) subway cars were moved from Line 2 on to the Yonge side of Line 1 to help deal with the volume of customers. Thank for your patience – more updates soon.”

To combat the congestion on Line 1, the TTC tweeted that customers could “use GO Transit at Kipling, Dundas West, Downsview Park, and Union Stations (including the UP Express)” for the cost of the normal TTC fare.

No injuries have been reported due to the derailment.