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Sufjan Stevens to The Grammys ‘Don’t Be Racist’

Award shows have been getting a real bad rap lately. From artists declining nominations to being complete no shows, it seems that today’s most relevant artists have been playing hooky when it comes to the Grammys.

Many have voiced their opinions toward the awards show, expressing that a lack of diversity and relevance plays a huge factor in the shortened guest list. To be more specific, this year’s award show didn’t include Kayne West, Drake, Frank Ocean and Justin Bieber.

This year a new award was created called “Best Urban Contemporary Album,” the award went to Sasha Fierce herself, Beyonce.

After the award show, social media boomed with mixed emotions regarding the whole Urban Contemporary thing. As well, fans began to share their distaste with Adele’s 25 snubbing Beyonce’s Lemonade for Album of the Year.

Sufjan Stevens recently spoke out about his feelings towards the award show by taking to Tumblr to share this message about racism surrounding the Grammys.


Fellow artist St. Vincent even backed Sufjan up!

The word has been spread about artists attempting to boycott the Grammys by simply not participating. For example, J Biebs decided sushi was more worthwhile for him this year. Clearly, the 2017 Grammys went just fine without some of the strongest artists in attendance but without the best what are we celebrating? It’s something that’s definitely going to stay up in the air between artists and The Recording Academy.

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