Sunrise Records Announce New Locations

Top Music Retailer replacing HMV, announces new locations across Canada

As HMV closes down their last few stores in the next upcoming weeks, Sunrise Records announced it will be taking over more than 70 HMV locations, and have announced some of the spots they’ll be opening up around Canada.

Stores will be popping up throughout British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, New Brunswick, and nine locations have been confirmed throughout Ontario.

More locations are expected to be announced on March 20, and you can check out the Sunrise Record website for details on exactly where each store will be opening up in each province.

With this replacement of HMV, Sunrise Records president Doug Putman stated on their website that they “want to support independent Canadian artists more than ever. We feel it’s an obligation, not to mention we love discovering talented new artists.”

They plan on doing this by carrying over 2000 titles of vinyl in stock at all locations as the consumer demand for vinyl increases, as well as supporting independent and local Canadian artists by carrying their music for sale in stores.

The company also plans to expand the assortment of music and merchandise that HMV had with an increase of CDs, and apparel as well as keeping up with pop culture trends, adding licensed figures, plush characters and a large selection of board games.

Sunrise Records also announced a commitment to hire HMV employees who’ve lost their jobs throughout the closures, who are still interested in working within the industry.

Stores are expected to open in early April.