Sunset Grill Raising Server Tip Out Rate to Offset Raised Minimum Wage

They're also raising their menu prices.

We haven’t even got through the first pay day of the year and already major Ontario companies are losing their shit over the raised minimum wage in the province.

In a memo to all staff that’s surfaced on social media sites, popular breakfast chain Sunset Grill explained a series of new policies including raising menu prices and taking a larger portion of servers’ tips.

A picture was posted to Twitter detailing the changes which sees the tip out clawback raised from 4 per cent to 5 per cent. Sunset Grill claim the raised tip out clawback will help the company offset the raised minimum wage price that was upped to $14/hour as of January 1st.

Essentially the company is letting their servers pay for the increase of everyone else in the restaurant, or in their words “encourage a team effort of service.”

This move comes one day after Tim Horton’s told staff they would be reducing paid breaks and cutting back benefits.

Image courtesy The World Of Gord