Sunset Grill Responds To Tip Clawback Claims

And the plot thickens...

When news broke out at the beginning of the month that Sunset Grill was not only raising menu prices, but also raising and taking the server tip out fee, everything hit the fan.


The CEO of Sunset Grill, Angelo Christou, spoke out against this claim saying that “Sunset Grill DOES NOT keep servers tips!” in an empathetic e-mail to CBC news. Christou, trying to lighten the heavy backlash the restaurant has been getting, explained that the pay-raise for tips is actually going towards the “unfair pay equity gap” between all of the non-serving staff members.

According to the memo sent to CBC, servers make somewhere between $30-$50 per hour which includes tips and wages. Whereas cooks make between $15-$25 and dishwashers receive minimum wage. Allowing the money to be evenly spread out amongst back-house staff will bring them closer to all employees receiving equal pay.

However, owners and managers can still get a portion of this tip. According to the provincial legislation, they are apparently allowed a share of the tips if they “perform to a substantial degree the same work,” done by tip-earning employees.

As for servers, not one of them has quit since this news according to COO of Sunset Grill, Stelios Lazos. “All our staff are treated with respect and are well compensated, period,” he stated in an email to CBC Monday (Jan 15) morning.

(Photo by SUNSET GRILL via Instagram)