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Toronto Is Getting A Massive New Super Park in Don Valley

The City of Toronto has announced private donors are stepping up to create a “super park” in the Don Valley.

At news conference held Tuesday (October 18) at Evergreen Brick Works, Toronto Mayor John Tory, alongside Evergreen CEO Geoff Cape, and the Don River Valley Park Campaign Chair Andy Chisholm, praised private donors and fundraisers as he outlined the next steps in a ravine ‘super park’, planned for the city.


Evergreen started the Don River Valley Park project last year as part a multi-year public and private fundraiser campaign, in partnership with the City of Toronto and the Toronto Regional Conservation Authority. The incentive is to create a massive 480-acre green space, known as a ‘super park’, that will run from Evergreen Brick Works south to Lake Ontario. Once it’s complete, it will be the second biggest park in the city.


At the press conference, Tory spoke on the important role the park will play for our livelihood.

“Toronto was built around its ravines. They give the city a unique identity that has defined how our city has grown. This project allows us to celebrate our ravines, talk about the important role they play for our residents, our resilience and our quality of life.

With the help of private donors, we will continue to make improvements to the Lower Don Valley, like new way-finding signage and entry points that will help residents access and navigate this park.”

The Lower Don Trail will re-open this spring with a few new features, including better navigation signage, as well as a new Pottery Road Bridge and Belleville Underpass. According to CBC, since 2012, the city has already spent $18 million on this parkland.

What are your thoughts on the project?

Image courtesy Joseph Morris via Flickr

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