Superjams! Songs About Superheroes

Songs from The Ramones and The Flaming Lips by the heroes that keep fictional cities safe

Every summer, we get bombarded with seizure-inducing, bloated superhero movies that rarely turn out to be worth our time (Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies and Watchmen excluded). This year, instead of blowing 30 bucks on some turd of a movie at the Megaplex, listen to these songs about superheroes for free. P.S.: Comic book nerds, feel free to unleash your wrath – I know you’re a passionate bunch.

“Waiting For Superman” – The Flaming Lips

A sad song Wayne Coyne wrote about the passing of his father.

“Iron Man” – Black Sabbath

Get your stoner-rock on with this early metal classic.

“Kryptonite” – Big Boi ft. Killer Mike

Half of Outkast and a pre-Run The Jewels Killer Mike blaze this track about their fave strain.

“Ghost Rider” – Suicide

These early synth punks crank up the distortion on this ode to the motorcycle hero.

“Magneto and Titanium Man” – Paul McCartney and Wings

Paul recalls a (probably imaginary) conversation with these super heroes. Either way, it’s a jam.

“Spiderman” – The Ramones

The boys take on the classic theme in a way that only the Ramones can.