Huge ‘Wolf Moon’ To Brighten Night Sky on New Year’s Day

Look to the skies New Year's Day

Mark your calendars for New Year’s Day, because a sight better than fireworks will be lighting up the night sky. On January 1st, Toronto will bear witness to the first supermoon of the year.

Aptly nicknamed the ‘Wolf moon’ or supermoon occurs when the moon is at it’s closest point to the Earth. According to NASA, this supermoon is expected to appear 14% larger and 30% brighter than normal.

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The supermoon will be at its peak spot at Jan 1st 2018 at 9:24 p.m. ET. However, you may want to look to the sky earlier. The moon will begin to rise at 4:48 p.m., and will share the sky with the sun for what surely will be an awe-inspiring couple of minutes. To catch that however, you will need a relatively flat and clear horizon.

If you happen to miss it, don’t worry. A second Supermoon is expected on January 31st, and is said to be a “blue supermoon.”


Main image courtesy katrindell