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Superorganism get existential on new single ‘On & On’

Superorganism have shared another new single, “On & On.”

The track comes from their forthcoming sophomore album, World Wide Pop, out July 15th. Throughout the new single, Superorganism lean into a pure pop sound, juxtaposing the bubbly tune with existential lyrics. The single sees Orono delivering lines like, “Am I insane or is it now the normal way?/ Reason’s out, just hope and pray/ And switch off till it goes away.” Animated by AEVA with character animation from Diana Gradinaru, the accompanying video channels a sense of nostalgia, as the band looks back on their current era from the future.

“It is a bit of an analogy between the ground-hog day effect touring can have, and the cyclical nature of growing as a person and repeating the same mistakes along the way.”

Watch the video for “On & On” below.

“Think of how today we look back on previous eras with fascination and an often rose-tinted vision, like the swinging 60s, but there was strife and anxieties in any era that isn’t necessarily captured by that nostalgia,” Superorganism add. “We want to give a sense that there is no such thing as a ‘good old days,’ by showing someone in the future looking back at our current day thinking that the 2020s appear like the ‘good old days.'”

World Wide Pop marks the follow-up to their 2018 self-titled debut. The collab-heavy album features big name guests like Stephen Malkmus, CHAI, Pi Ja Ma, Dylan Cartlige, and Gen Hoshino.

In addition to today’s preview, World Wide Pop features the previously released “crushed.zip,” “It’s Raining,” and “Teenager.”

Check out the tracklist for World Wide Pop below.

World Wide Pop Tracklist:

01 – “Black Hole Baby”
02 – “World Wide Pop”
03 – “On & On”
04 – “Teenager (feat. CHAI & Pi Ja Ma)”
05 – “It’s Raining (feat. Stephen Malkmus & Dylan Cartlidge)”
06 – “Flying”
07 – “Solar System (feat. CHAI & Boa Constrictors)”
08 – “Into The Sun (feat. Gen Hoshino, Stephen Malkmus & Pi Ja Ma)”
09 – Put Down Your Phone”
10 – “crushed.zip”
11 – “Oh Come On”
12 – “Don’t Let The Colony
13 – Everything Falls Apart

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