Sure Signs of Spring in Toronto

It's melting!

SPRING HAS OFFICIALLY ARRIVED! And besides the date on the calendar, there are a few other ways to tell that spring really is back in Toronto.

1. Dog Poo Everywhere!

Ahhh, not unlike the emergence of a long-awaited crocus bud or the first red-breasted robin you see hopping spritely across your lawn – a sure signal that the crisp reawakening of spring is finally upon us is sidewalks in every neighbourhood is lined with thawing dog shit. It’s everywhere! It’s probably on your shoes right now! And if you were walking your dog in the winter and when it did its business you thought to yourself “Hey, whatever! It’s cold and the snow will cover it! What’s the point of stopping to pick that up?” — well… I hope you step in some and figure it out, you jerk.

(Photo by Grant MacDonald via Flickr)



February was one of the coldest months on record in Toronto. There were only something like four days when the temperature climbed above zero. So it makes sense that you’d wanna shed the parka ASAP. But that’s not enough! If you’re a true Torontonian, you know that summer is short and fleeting and you need to grab as much of it as you can while it’s here. Shorts may be summer garb in other cities – but in Toronto, the calves go free as soon as it’s plus 5.

3. The Gardiner Expressway is crumbling!

The Gardiner is widely regarded as an eyesore and a barrier between Toronto and our scenic waterfront – but in the spring (and summer), it also becomes a terrifying source of possible death from above! As the frozen roads start to thaw out, debris is more likely separate and falls from the road… even more than usual. So until the city decides to tear the whole thing down, maybe think about putting on a helmet next time you need to take the Lakeshore.

(Photo by jennyrotten via Flickr)


4. Festival Announcements!

You can tell Torontonians are desperate for sun and fun when the summer festival line-ups start being revealed in FEBRUARY. And it makes sense. If you’re going to be stuck inside hibernating for more than half the year, you better take advantage of the warmer weather!

What are other signs of spring in Toronto? Let us know below.