Torontonians Help Syracuse Teen Find Lost Car After Metallica Show

It happens to the best of us

Self-proclaimed Toronto Blue Jays fan Gavin Strickland drove from his hometown in Syracuse, NY last weekend to attend Sunday night’s Metallica concert at the Rogers Centre. After the end of a memorable evening, Strickland couldn’t remember where he parked his car.

Strickland reports that he parked his car in a parking garage that was about an $8 cab ride from the Rogers Centre. After coming out of the concert, he couldn’t find his vehicle. Being a resourceful teen in 2017, Strickland took to the internet to find his blue-green Nissan Versa Sedan. Thanks to the recruitment of Torontonians, Strickland’s car was found early this morning.


Feature photo courtesy Giovanni Variottinelli via Flickr.