T.J. Miller Arrested For Reporting False Bomb Threat To Authorities

Not your greatest idea, Miller

Comedian T.J. Miller was arrested Monday night at LaGuardia Airport in New York for allegedly reporting a false Amtrack bomb threat to police back in March.

The report from Miller was made on March 18, when he called to tell authorities that a fellow passenger on an Amtrak train from Washington D.C. to NYC apparently had “a bomb in her bag.” When Miller was forwarded to an Amtrak cop for further questioning, he said a woman with brown hair and a scarf kept checking her bag and looked as if she wanted to get off the train but leave it behind.

Throughout the time the officer was on the phone with Miller, he kept changing the description of what the woman looked like. Naturally, the officer asked if Miller was intoxicated, recently taken any mind-altering substances, or had a mental illness. Miller told the officer, “This is the first time I’ve ever made a call like this before. I am worried for everyone on that train. Someone has to check that lady out.”

When officers came to look – they were given the wrong train number by Miller himself. This resulted in a different train being stopped, evacuated and searched causing massive Amtrak delays. Meanwhile, Miller was still riding the train all the way down to NYC.

According to documents, Miller was taken off the train in NYC because he was intoxicated after having two glasses of wine and two double Scotch and sodas. An Amtrak attendant reported that Miller had “exchanged profanity” with a woman in first class and did not back up Miller’s claim of her “suspicious behaviour.”

After interviewing witnesses and people involved in the scene, cops determined that Miller was angry at the woman and made a false report about the bomb threat out of spite. That’s quite the “revenge” plan, Miller.

Miller was released on a $100,000 bond Tuesday and is facing federal charges for his false reporting. If he were to be convicted, he could get up to five years in prison.

(Photo by GAGE SKIDMORE via Flickr)