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Tag is a Real Sport Now, and It’s Pretty Competitive

If you’ve ever spent your elementary school recess playing Tag, you know how competitive the game can be. What you probably don’t know is that the playground game is now an organized sport, complete with official rules and terminology.

According to the World Chase Tag website, an official game of multiplayer Chase Tag consists of four players competing in four rounds, each 40 seconds long, in which one player is “on-tag” (meaning, they’re “it”). The “InsTAGator,” (or, player that is on-tag) chases the other players around the “Tag Court,” a designated playing space filled with obstacles and must “tag” between the neck and waist. The Evaders (players not on-tag) must stay within the play space, avoiding the InsTAGator as to not get tagged. The player with the lowest time being on-tag wins.

Sounds more complicated than you remember? This parkour-tag hybrid is certainly an upgrade from the game of your childhood, and also happens to look like a bunch of adults running around an obstacle course. But that observation doesn’t undermine the cool stunts, the element of danger (in the form of a total wipe out), and the athletic ability required of competitors in the WCT league.

Watch an official game of World Chase Tag below.

Image via World Chase Tag

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