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TAKE IT EASY: New Year’s Resolutions

Hate New Year’s resolutions as much as I do? Listen to my rant from The Morning After:

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Okay, so you haven’t gone to the gym in a while. But, this is the year you’re going to get in shape – and guess what? So is everyone else. Take it easy.

There are people who have been going consistently for the entire year, but now you’re sitting on the machine for 10 minutes staring at your phone. Spin bikes don’t work if the resistance is set at zero, and if you’re walking on a treadmill, you should just walk on over to the juice bar and get me something to drink. If you’re carrying a Starbucks at any point during your time at the gym, it’s not a workout. The elliptical is a good place to hang clothes, but it’s not doing anything to help you get in shape.

When you’re in the change room: take it easy. Put on your blinders, get changed and get out of there. Don’t let your eyes focus on anything, and don’t try to start up a conversation with the person next to you. You’re both kinda naked – now is not the time to put your leg up on the bench or start tying your shoes.

New Year’s Resolutions? Take it easy.

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