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Take It Easy: Running

First let me start by saying I’m a runner. 5kms, 10kms, half marathons; it’s a great way to de-stress and stay in shape. What I don’t understand is how running got so boring we started spraying each other with tear gas just to spice it up.


All the registrations are coming out for all these runs like Colour Me Rad where you get blasted with neon body paint – you’ll have technicolour tissues every time you blow your nose for the next week and a half.


The zombie runs are where you try to get away from zombies before they eat your brain. There are jazz runs and Santa runs, and diva runs where women are greeted by shirtless firefighters and a chocolate fountain at the end. I don’t know about these ladies, but I’ve never once finished a run and thought “you know, I could really use a hot cup of chocolate right now.”


And then there are the “extreme runs” – The Survival run, The Spartan Race, The Punisher run, and Tough Mudder which just announced a new Cry Baby obstacle where they’ll spray you with tear gas. And that’s AFTER you’ve come through the Ring of Fire and Electroshock Therapy obstacles.

Brian 3

If guess if you want to pay for someone to electrocute you and set you on fire that’s fine, but for me the challenge of being a runner is CROSSING THE FINISH LINE.

So Running? Take It Easy.

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