Tame Impala are reducing their tour carbon footprint with new initiatives

They've teamed up with non-profit environmental organization REVERB

Tame Impala have teamed up with REVERB, a non-profit environmental organization, in an attempt to reduce the carbon footprint of their forthcoming world tour.

The band will be taking part in several new initiatives that will “reduce the environmental footprint of touring and help fight climate change,” according to a post on Facebook. As part of the partnership, they have committed to neutralize their carbon emissions through “funding projects around the world that directly eliminate greenhouse gases.”

The Australian band will also take part in other environmentally friendly initiatives on tour, including donating unused catered food and hotel toiletries to local shelters, encouraging recycling backstage and on tour buses, and also supplying the full band and crew with reusable water bottles.

Check out the announcement in full below.

Additionally, at every stop on tour, concertgoers can visit the REVERB Eco-Village where they can learn more about the non-profit’s unCHANGEit Campaign or connect with other environmentally-friendly organizations.