Tame Impala Plagiarism Accusation Was “A Joke”

Internet joke turned potential lawsuit

It seems like we’ve all been pranked. The Tame Impala plagiarism scandal comes with more news today. The authors of the article accusing Tame Impala of plagiarizing their song “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards” from one hit wonder Pablo Ruiz’s song “Oceano” admitted that the video of the tunes played side by side was just a joke.

“We were at a party and had that idea. Curiously, it was viralized pretty fast. We never thought we’d had this impact, and we’re very surprised about it.” says site editors Raúl Álvarez and Patricio Pérez.

Some of the members involved in this drama aren’t seeing the humour in this however. “Obviously there is plagiarism,” says Ruiz. “Not if you have done it on purpose or not, but there are seven bars that are equal to my song.” Ruiz also added that he will need to consult with lawyers before moving forward.

Authors Álvarez and Pérez have also expressed a bit of concern on whether or not Tame Impala will be facing charges in court. “He thought our ‘research’ was accurate in proving the similarities between both songs,” they said. “[And] of course we think it’s funny, but we hope there are no charges against Tame Impala. We actually like them a lot.”