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#TBT Highlights – Jonathan Torrens

Beloved Canadian TV personality Jonathan Torrens visited The Morning After for #TBT this week to discuss old characters, fan favorites and current projects.


Torrens is currently the host of the Taggart and Torrens Podcast with ex-Our Lady Peace drummer Jeremy Taggart. Before that, Torrens rose to popularity through his CBC shows Street Sense, Jonovision, and eventually the beloved Trailer Park Boys character J-Roc.


J-Roc, **ahem** Torrens also sat down with Matt for an episode of Music Nerd to discuss Snoop Dogg’s involvement in the new Trailer Park Boys season, among other things. Listen to the clips below:

The Morning After

What show he gets most recognized for
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Breaking Canadian bands on Jonopalooza, and how he became Jroc on Trailer Park Boys
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How Our Lady Peace helped break the Trailer Park Boys
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Music Nerd

Snoop Dogg on Trailer Park Boys
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